Features To Impress

Simplify the paperwork process in your office

Responsive Design

Works on any latest browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, and devices such as Laptops, Tablets, and Mobile Phones.

Drag and Drop Functionality

Drag and drop fields to collect information needed on your document, such as text, date/time, checkboxes, and etc.  If part of your business process is to collect pictures, your user can drag and drop images directly onto the form without having to send a separate attachment.

Secure E-Signatures

Have peace of mind that any signature you collect will be secure and valid with our signature control tools that allow you to embed the IP address, date, time stamp and geo location inside the signature.

Get Paid Inside Your Documents

Clients can pay tuition, fees, deposits, membership dues and more as either one-time fees or recurring payments from inside your Docsmore form.

Unparalleled Features

To solve the intricates problem of the day to day business.


Powerful Calculation Engine

Embed calculations and formulas within your document.


Automatically Pre-fill Documents

Load Excel file into Docsmore and pre-fill the data in the document before it’s sent to clients -- reducing the information you need to collect.


Automate Paper Processes with Linked Forms

Allow users to automatically complete forms one after the other by linking them into one document. Common information from one form will be pre-filled on subsequent forms, saving your user time and simplifying your process.


Attach Files

Users can attach files right inside your document and upload any documents like resumes, certifications, and etc.


Split and Merge

Split your documents into multiple documents and merge them anyway you please. 


White Label with Custom Branding

Integrate Docsmore into your business seamlessly by uploading your logos and color schemes to match your branding.


Flexible Sending Options

Send users a shareable link or use our workflow feature to route to multiple users.  


Template Management

Easily replace documents without having to start over.  Enjoy features such as adding pages from existing templates and interactions.  


Web-Cam Signature

Take a picture of your user in addition to electronic signature to additional validation purposes.

And More....

We regularly add new functionality to better serve our clients.  

We continuously seek feedback from our clients to add features and enhancements for our product roadmap.  

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